Can the Black Bra Please Be Acquitted !

Black Bra

During the Q and A session I do after breast cancer awareness talks, atleast one member of the audience will  raise a conversation that runs something like this

“Does wearing a black bra cause breast cancer?”

“No..Where did you hear that?”

“An email perhaps.. or somewhere on the internet”

“Did the email say ‘why’?”

“Toxins accumulating from wearing a tight bra……Wearing a bra  prevents lymph circulation…The black color absorbs harmful radiation”

“All cleverly contrived theories, but all very wrong.. if they were true, you’d think there’d be a ban on black bra’s by now”

Having gone through this so many times, I’ve tried to analyze why this myth is so popular. For one, women are looking for theories on cancer that are simple to understand. Formation of cancer at a cellular level is a very complex and intangible process, implicating a bra on the other hand is easy.  The other thing we want is a degree of control on this process. If we could just stop wearing black bras and halve our breast cancer risk, it would make us feel so much better. The bra that is an innocent bystander is charged guilty… simply for being present near the crime scene. Now why ‘black’ bra? Dunno…ask the black cats why they were the ones who got stuck in superstitions !


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