What oncologists want to scream and tell !

Screen shot 2015-03-11 at 10.09.05 PM

Arising from your own cells & living amidst them, the emperor of all maladies insidiously grows… gets noticed and then ……..gets ignored.  ” Yes I’ve had this lump for 2 years..but it didn’t hurt.” or “She really didn’t say it bothered her..so we never thought it could be serious.” Oncologists hear this day-in and day-out . A countless times we find ourselves saying “Most cancerous lumps don’t hurt” ..yet saying it a bit too late.

The reaction is one of surprise” You’re saying something as serious as cancer doesn’t hurt?”

When your tooth hurts, you see a dentist….If your knee hurts, its hard to walk and you see a joint specialist.

You have a little  painless lump ….it doesn’t bother you….you do nothing about it.

” Not causing pain early in the disease” is probably cancer’s best weapon...I wish it did hurt..coz then we’d do something about it sooner.


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